Judgment Recovery Training

Sierra Judgment Recovery’s Training Program

Part One: Start-Up, Marketing and Obtaining Assignments

There are more judgments than you could ever possibly collect on file at your local courthouse. These customers are ripe for the picking and they need you!

Civil case files are public record. These records fall under the Freedom of Information Act, as do many other public records that you can glean information from. Knowing exactly what you are looking for in this maze of information is crucial.

Fear not – I dedicate an entire section of my training program to show you how to obtain and decipher the information these records contain.

I’ve even developed a special Online Access Guide that includes links to the court websites that provide online access to civil case file information in each state, where it’s available.

Pinpointing judgment holders from these records is not difficult at all! I’ll show you exactly how to identify your perfect customer. In the extensive marketing section of my training program I’ve shared all the solicitation letters I’ve created and used to generate an overwhelming response from judgment holders. I’ll also give you all the letters I’ve used that you can send to businesses in your area who will jump to take advantage of your offer!.

Just to make things really easy for you, I’ve provided all of the contracts and assignment agreements you’ll need to assign judgments and file them with the court and numerous other forms that you’ll use on a daily basis to keep you organized. These forms meet the legal requirements in courts throughout the United States and Canada.

Nothing is held back.

It is incredibly comprehensive. With this information you’ll also know how best to set up your new business and the steps you’ll need to take to ensure you get your business off the ground smoothly and painlessly.

Part Two: Skiptracing – Finding Your Debtors and Their Assets

This is usually the biggest downfall for a judgment holder. They just don’t know where the debtor is, or anything about their assets, and the average person really has no clue about how to find that information. This is called skiptracing, and it’s going to be the biggest factor in your success as a judgment recovery specialist. If you don’t enjoy research – forget it, because this won’t be a good fit for you.

There’s an analogy I like to use to describe whether someone will have an aptitude for judgment recovery… If you enjoy a good mystery thriller story, then you’ll probably really excel with a judgment recovery business. If you’re more of the romance novel type, it’s probably not going to work out.

If this sounds intriguing to you, read on – because even if you don’t know how to “dig,” I’m ready and willing to teach you! I’ll tell you in plain English how to get the information you need to nail down the debtor’s location and their assets.

I’ve crammed this section full of methods and insider tips that private investigators have used and perfected over the years to uncover everything imaginable. Learn all those tricks and secrets that enable P.I.’s to earn $100 an hour and more!

Revealing information is included to de-mystify and unlock the abundance of information found in consumer credit reports and numerous other sources of public records and private financial information. These reports and the information they disclose are powerful tools that you’ll have access to. You’ll need to know how to use them to their full advantage, and I’ll make sure that you do.

Part Three: In-Depth Enforcement Procedures

People have asked me, “Will I have to break a debtor’s finger to make them pay the judgment and become some kind of a thug?” This is a ridiculous image and far from reality! I use strictly non-confrontational methods to collect judgments. Anything you do to enforce the judgment will be done through the court system.

You will never even have to contact a debtor directly unless you choose to do so. All you’ll have to do is locate the judgment debtor’s assets and complete some fill-in-the-blank forms to file with the court.

Written in an easy to understand format, you’ll be taken through the enforcement procedures you’ll use to collect judgments in comprehensive detail – above and beyond the basic methods.

You’ll understand all of the many powerful legal tools that are at your disposal and how best to use them to get exactly the results that you want.

State Specific Judgment Recovery Information

I’ve just added my newest exclusive product to the training program: SJR’s State-By-State Civil Research Guide.

This indispensable guide will provide you with detailed information about enforcing judgments in each and every state. You will have information about post-judgment interest rates, court structures, civil codes for enforcement procedures, direct live website links to your court’s website, court rules and more – right at your finger tips!

This product is only available through Sierra Judgment Recovery, and is being included in the training program for a limited time. The Guide normally retails for $59.95, so act now to take advantage of this outstanding bonus inclusion!

Unlimited Customer Support

You’ll always have access to my friendly and helpful Support Staff. With your training program, you’ll receive live, ongoing Customer Support for as long as you need it. With this valuable Support lifeline, you’ll be able to have a real human being answer your questions, review your ideas, materials, etc., and get expert help that would normally cost you hundreds – ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE!

These benefits alone are worth far more than the cost of the entire program. And I’m also here personally for hand-holding.

Letters, Contracts and Forms

I’ll provide you with my best Letters, Contracts and Forms – all as fill-in-the-blank templates. Fill them in and print them out, or merge them with your favorite word processing program. What an incredible time saver!

Here’s just a few of the items you’ll receive:

Solicitation Letters: For individual judgment holders and businesses. Why reinvent the wheel? These letters are proven to consistently generate a 30%-35% response to your offer!

Assignment Agreements: Choose the terms and agreements for your judgment assignments that best meet your needs.

Assignment of Judgment Form: Developed to meet the statutory, language and format requirements for assigning judgments in every state.

I also include everything you need to develop a professional, personalized agreement package to send to the judgment holder, including cover letters and a Judgment Debtor Profile Worksheet along with many, many more letters, forms and agreements that you’ll use over and over again.

Post Judgment Interest Tracking Form and Online Interest Calculator

Comprehensive Collection Worksheet

Debtor Notification Letter: Designed to get the results you need while keeping you out of trouble with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Levy Instructions: Use these written instructions to ensure that your directions to the sheriff are clear and concise, so your asset seizures will happen exactly the way you want them to.

SJR National Association Membership

The purchase of your training program entitles you to lifetime membership in SJR’s premier national judgment recovery association – at no additional cost. These benefits include:

SJR National Member Network: You’ll have access to SJR’s exclusive National Member Network. The Network encompasses all of SJR’s active association members across the US and Canada. This is an indispensable networking tool.

SJR Member Email Discussion Forum: You’ll be able to participate on the judgment recovery industry’s oldest and most active email forum. Follow along with hundreds of other companies about marketing issues, judgment recovery questions and answers, enforcement techniques, new resources and more.

Posting messages to the discussion forum and generating response from the entire group is the best way to obtain the highest level of input and exchange of information with your peers. In addition to the daily email messages, the Forum’s archive holds over a decade’s worth of these priceless exchanges, member contributed links, forms and more.

Other industry associations charge hundreds for this very same privilege. You will enjoy this valuable subscription and access to the archive at no additional cost – ever.

SJR Member’s Website: Access to this private website is exclusively for Sierra Judgment Recovery Association Members. Here you’ll find Resources galore, critical course material update information, your Customer Service Center, the National Member Network and more!

And, I have an important FREE BONUS GIFT for you:

The Bookmark Skiptracing and Resource Guide

Here are years worth of my very best resources in one place. It works with your Internet connection and web browser to give instant access at your fingertips to hundreds of categorized judgment recovery tools, online public records, legal research links, business and skiptracing websites.

These are economical and reliable sources for everything I use in my own business. Resources that, in some cases, it’s taken me a whole lot of digging around to find.

Use my exclusive program to locate debtors and their assets online. The Bookmark Skiptracing Program includes state specific resources, direct links to court rules and laws in every state, free website templates, information databases, free public record sites, judgment recovery resources/tools and much more.

There are literally hundreds of resources available, and many of them are free! Never hunt for a resource again.

That’s Sierra Judgment Recovery’s Professional Training Program – Virtually my successful judgment recovery business delivered to you in a box, for you to model your own business on. Because you’ll see it from the inside (not as an “outsider”) you WILL be able to replicate everything I’ve done and continue to do.

You’ll have these jealously guarded secrets revealed to you – I hold nothing back! There’s nowhere else you’re going to learn these insider tips that up until now, only the real pros use themselves. You’ll get the best street-smart education on how to enforce judgments available anywhere.

I’ve done all of the research and work to take the guesswork out of everything!

And you’ll never be all alone. You’ll have access to our fantastic Customer Support Staff if you encounter a situation where you require a little more help.

Your investment for everything in
the Judgment Recovery Training
Program is as low as $155.00.

Is that a lot or a little? Well, it might be a bit of a “stretch” for you, I don’t know. But I do know this: There is no other way you can get set up in this remarkable business and be able to make thousands of dollars a month. To figure it all out on your own WILL cost you a lot more. And it will take a long time.

So, you have some decisions to sort out. One option is to turn your back on all of this, on everything I’ve presented to you, and try your best to forget about it. If you were sincere in your original interest in a high income from a home-based business, then that will be very, very hard to do.

Another option is to procrastinate. To put it off. To tell yourself you’ll do it later, as soon as “the timing is better.” Please forgive me for saying so, but you should either have the courage to go forward or at least the honesty to toss this aside. Make a definite decision right now and get past it. I really hope you’ll do it today.

I’ll be guiding you every step of the way in using my program to quickly set yourself up in a very high-income business. And I guarantee your satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply return your written training materials within 90 days of the purchase date for a full refund of your program purchase price.

The link below will provide you with price and ordering details. If you still have some reservations or some questions left unanswered that are keeping you from comfortably making a decision, I certainly hope you won’t hesitate to contact me at (912) 882-8190 or send an email to: csmiley@recoverycourse.com – I welcome your questions!

Price and Ordering Details


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